In late 2007 several volunteer firefighters from Hatfield Volunteer Fire Company, in Montgomery County Pennsylvania began discussion about forming a partnership to provide NFPA 1962 hose testing for fire departments.  Throughout the winter of 2007 and into the spring of 2008 plans where worked out on the design of the pumps and the services that would be offered.  The official paperwork was filed on May 19th, 2008 to form American Fire Services, LLC.

American Fire Services, LLC was formed by four volunteer firefighters to provide a variety of services to emergency service organizations. With over 30 years of combined experience, founding members have held positions of Assistant Chief, Training Officer, Captain, Lieutenant, and Safety Officer. Located in Hatfield Pennsylvania, we service fire companies in the Tri-state area. American Fire Services, LLC is deep rooted in quality with a founding member belonging to the American Society for Quality and experienced in quality engineering. 

Benefits of using
American Fire Services, LLC

Hard working, experienced, and conscientious crews
Specially designed pump manifold for accurate testing
May avoid burst hose at fire scene
Helps reduce risk of injury
Allows more time for training
Complies with NFPA standards
Provides proof of testing
Reduces paperwork
Lengthen equipment service life
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