Ladder Testing
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At American Fire Services, we strive for 100% satisfaction. As a part of that, we have been factory trained for inspection, repair and testing of ground ladders. All of our equipment has been custom fabricated to meet our needs to provide the best and most accurate service possible. The equipment is calibrated annually for accuracy.

All ladders are tested per the NFPA standard which includes:
·a visual inspection
·replacement of heat sensors if needed
·hardware testing
·roof hook testing
·horizontal bend testing

AFS, LLC will also perform routine maintenance such as waxing the rails, rung hooks, and fingers, as well as lubricating the hardware as part of the inspection process.

Upon completion of testing, the results will be compiled into a detailed report which includes:
·summary of the services provided
·results of testing
·an itemization of cost
·recommended repairs

We are able to repair all components of a ladder with the exception of the beam.  Damage to the beam requires the ladder to be replaced or at a minimum that section.  Most repairs can be performed on-site limiting the time out of service.  However, all components can be repaired off-site.

If you are interested in a quote for ladder testing or repair please contact AFS, LLC and we will be glad to assist you.