Healthcare Provider BLS:  The course is offered as both an initial certification or as a recertification class.  The course is intended for physicians, nurses, lifeguards, and emergency providers that would need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a frequent basis.  It covers Adult, Child, and Infant patients for one and two rescuer CPR.  It also covers rescue breathing, choking victims, the use of an AED, and the use of a bag valve mask.

Heartsaver courses are designed for the layperson rescuer and come in many combinations.  The courses cover topics such as First Aid, Adult/Child CPR, Infant CPR, and Automatic External Defibrillator.  These topics can be combined in any combination to meet the individual needs of the customer.  The typical people that attend this course are industrial safety teams, child care providers, personal trainers, and concerned citizens.

Friends and Family: 
These courses are designed for the layperson rescuer with a particular focus on family response.  These courses cover similar topics as the Heartsaver courses.

CPR Online Option:
The classroom portion of your American Heart Association class can be performed online and the hands on and practical portion scheduled with an instructor evaluator.  This allows flexibility in the studentís schedule.  American Fire Services, LLC can perform the skills evaluation for BLS Healthcare Provider and Heartsaver courses.  The cost for the skills evaluation is $45.

Use the link to get to the course catalog on American Heart Associationís site. 

Fire Extinguisher: 
This is a course developed by AFS, LLC to meet NFPA and OSHA requirements.  It incorporates basic fire science, an overview of types of extinguishers and the types of fires that they are effective on, and a live fire training exercise.  The live fire training uses water extinguishers to simulate a dry chemical extinguisher, providing real world training without the mess.  We will also customize the presentation to address the specific hazards that your responders/employees will encounter.

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